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San Mateo County

The Big Wave on the Mainland. A brutal, dark blue wall of water that is downright homicidal. But when the shape-shifting gunmetal greys and marine blues spark with yellow rays of sun, this monster serves up a ride for the ages

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Each pair of tangle-free buds has a 1-button mic and remote so you can take/make calls, play/pause music and cycle through tracks. Each purchase comes complete with the Sunnylion hemp pouch, matchbook, stickers, and temporary tattoos!

*All of our products are handwoven in Los Angeles packaged with little to zero waste. Color shades may vary as each pair of buds are one-of-a-kind, but that is the beauty of friendship bracelets. Be confident that your buds will look similar to the picture above, but be aware color variations will occur.


  1. Terrence


    They stay in well but, they do get water in them then the music stops. You can fix this by using a knife and removing this thin mesh fiber layer over the bud. During use this traps water in the bud and kills the sound. i supspoe it’s to keep sand out, just rinse well. they work for surfing but sometimes the wires can get around your neck.

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