Giving With Your Buds

For every pair of earbuds sold, The SunnyLion will donate 10% of the profits to organizations that raise awareness and help protect women and children of Congo during the Conflict Mineral Crisis.

What do earbuds handwoven in California have to do with the Democratic Republic of Congo?


When you buy clean, conflict-free SunnyLion earbuds, you are helping to cut off revenues that come from the illegal sale of rare minerals sourced in Congo for all of our electronics products, including cell phones, computers, and digital cameras. Armed rebel groups and warlord criminal networks who commit horrific human rights crimes, including mass rape of women and girls, are now making significantly less income from mineral smuggling thanks to initiatives set up by tech corporations and growing consumer awareness and activism.

SunnyLion is committed to charitable giving that will provide victims of violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo opportunities to rebuild their lives. For every earbud sold, SunnyLion will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign and to Action Kivu. Raise Hope for Congo advocates for the rights of the Congolese people, works to support conflict-free products, and educates the public about the solutions to this deadly crisis. Action Kivu rehabilitates victims of sexual violence and promotes economic independence for Congolese women. For more information, please visit