Q. Do SunnyLion earbuds really not tangle?

A. Each earbud is individually handwoven in Los Angeles with strong embroidery floss that prevents any severe tangling when stowed inside your pocket, bag, or purse.  Due to the material, the earbuds are ready for use within seconds!

Q. Can I customize my earbuds?

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer the opportunity to customize our earbuds at this time, but stay tuned!

Q. Will the earbuds stay securely in my ear?

A.  We offer three different sized rubber tops, so you can decide which size best fits your ear!

Q. Is there really no packaging waste included in my order?

A. Besides the shipping label and package slip, you receive your headphones with a reusable hemp pouch,  sticker, temporary tattoos, and our matchbook business card ! No plastic or other wasteful packaging included in this purchase!

Q. How much is shipping?

A. The SunnyLion offers FREE shipping for all orders with the exception of international and express options!

Q. Can I buy SunnyLion in stores?

A. In order to sustain the integrity of our brand by having our products handwoven in Los Angeles with little to no waste in packaging, we sell direct to the consumer so we can offer the best quality  at a fair price!

Q. Who weaves my earbuds?

A. All SunnyLion earbuds are handwoven by local weavers in the comforts of their own home.  By encouraging the weaving process at home, our weavers avoid daily gas guzzling commutes and time spent away from family. We do not demand a specific quantity from each weaver so they can weave at their own leisure! Each weaver is grateful for the opportunity to control their paycheck based on their own productivity!