As a California based company, The SunnyLion packages our Point Arena Cove buds with an evil eye amulet as a reminder to conserve water and ward off the current drought of California. If you missed our last email blast, check out¬†describing the relationship between the evil eye and the current drought. Even if you do not live in California, this issue affects you. California grows one-third of the vegetables, two-third of the nuts and fruits, and ninety percent of the wine cultivated in the US each year. 80% of the water consumed in California is used to support agriculture with 10% used just to produce almonds. One almond equals one gallon of water and ten hamburgers equals one year of showers for an average person. So keep showering, but ease up on the burgers and almonds for our country’s sake! For more information, check out this article by Leslie Ziegler on RYOT:¬†

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