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1. Sunscreen: Sun Bum because we respect the’ ‘Sonny’ lifestyle
2. Book: Barbarian Days. Because surfing’s the source, man
3. Bag: Vaalbara Designs. Made locally in Venice, California
4. Snacks: Have’a C(rack) Chips soaked in high sodium soy and a bag of cherries for a good dose of Vitamin C
5. Drinks: Water Bottle to limit your plastic consumption and Juice Squeeze while we wait for Clearly Canadian to make its comeback!
6. Earbuds: Don’t be ridiculous…
7. Sunglasses: Spektre shades for the bold-colored lenses
8. Towel: Keep it classy with stripes
9. Flip-Flops: Havaianas for its endless color combos, simple style and quality you can trust
10. Magazine: Vanity Fair. When your attention span is short-fusing and you need a mix of both trash and substance
11. Lip Balm: Burt’s Bees. In honor of Burt Shavitz
12. Treats: Charms lollipops. Throw em in the bag for an afternoon sweet fix
13. Game: Mini Backgammon set to keep your cognitive skills sharp and Pro Kadima to up that heart rate
14. Speakers: Chill Pills because they are s’cute. Recommended beach songs “Cheerleader” by Omi or “Good Times by Jamie XX
15. Disposable Camera: Explore new ways to capture your Kodak moments given your one shotone opportunity
16. Beach Charms: Don’t forget your St. Christopher medallion for protection at sea and evil eye to ward off the California drought!
17. Sandwich: Turkey Avocado with toasted bread

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