Anatomy of a SunnyLion

Hover over the indicators to see how a SunnyLion is built to last.

Our SunnyLion buds include an old-school perpendicular jack with our lion engraved on the surface. This style jack prohibits the consumer from yanking the jack out carelessly creating severed wiring over time.
Take/make calls, play/pause music and cycle through tracks with our 1-button mic & remote.
All our buds are handwoven in Los Angeles with strong embroidery floss to ensure no severe tangling will occur in your pocket, bag, or purse. Color combinations and hues will consistently change so your SunnyLions will be unique to you!
Our wooden housing provides a powerful base, natural vocals, and rugged durability. Each pair of buds also comes with three different sized rubber tops to accommodate all ear types!
Each pair of buds is distinguished by different beaches along the California coast. Escape with your SunnyLions as each color combination reflects the mood of its designated waterfront.


We have developed our own wooden earbuds ensuring supreme sound with rugged durability. Most of the earbud housing weight sits firmly inside your ear cutting off all external noise and driving sound deep within the canal. Each pair comes with three different sized rubber tops to fit all ear types.

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