The SunnyLion is an active, beach lifestyle, brand inspired by the freestyle exuberance of California surf culture. With each unique product, The SunnyLion delivers bold colors, artisanal handcrafting, and the spirit of the beach to any situation, destination, or vibration. Each one of our earbuds is named after a beach along the California coastline. We set the tone of each sandy shore and hint how each color combination ties into the beaches vibe. Enjoy the neon lights emitting from the ferris wheel at Santa Monica beach or enjoy the international orange of the Golden Gate Bridge at Ocean Beach while you paddle out amidst the thick marine layer!

All earbuds and sunglasses are handwoven in the Los Angeles area by our creative team of freelance weavers–including many mothers–who are able to earn additional income in their own time without leaving their family homes. We also print and use apparel manufactured only in downtown Los Angeles. Every SunnyLion is designed with local love. You could say our weavers are the pride of The SunnyLion!


With a childhood that boomeranged from the California coastline to the Eastern Seaboard, Claire Preston has always been inspired by a love of nature, the bohemian allure of beach lifestyle, and a fascination with surf culture. Born in Southern California, Claire grew up near the beach near Carlsbad where she developed a passion for surfing, Earth, Wind & Fire, fresh ceviche tacos and, especially, the tradition of cementing friendships with surfer buddies by exchanging enameled St. Christopher medallions.

When her family relocated to the East Coast, Claire knew that one day she would return to Pacific shores. A four-year degree at college in Colorado Springs proved to be a fortuitous detour on her way back to SoCal. The Classics major spent her junior year abroad in Greece, where she made a friend who wove colorful threads into bracelets to exchange as symbols of friendship, just like the St. Christopher medals of her California summers. Traveling across Europe with her own bag of string, Claire began customizing handwoven friendship bracelets for fellow travelers she met on the road. By the time she wiggled her toes in the Pacific once again, Claire was weaving everything that wasn’t nailed down: headphones for co-workers in commercial production; sunglasses for hippie friends; and guitar straps for her Dad. When a family friend stepped in with a business offer, SunnyLion was officially launched as a viable commercial enterprise with the mission to transform everyday products into colorfully wrapped wearable art.

Today, Claire’s California roots, her passion for the beach, and love of authentic materials culminate in the debut of The SunnyLion collection. This line of handcrafted accessories is the complete expression of the classic California surf culture aesthetic that Claire has embraced throughout her life.


If you #spotthelion around your city, take a picture, upload on instagram, and tag @thesunnylion for a chance to win a free pair of buds or other paraphernalia! Think street signs, metal poles, cool bars, random bathrooms etc! Let the hunt begin!